Social Media use in Ireland

According to data there are 3.2 million active social media users in Ireland as of January 2020. The most used platforms are outlined below. The graph below also shows the most popular social apps used in Ireland in 2019. You can clearly contrast the two graphs. You can see how some platforms became more popular and others gained less traffic. In particular tiktok in 2019 was almost nobody in Ireland really using it to a gradual rise in January 2020 to where it is today. According to a survey carried out by Ipsos Mrbi 90,000 people in Ireland over the age of fifteen use the app, with 43% of people using the app on a daily basis. Its an app that has really taken off and took full advantage of all of lockdown. Below you can also see stats found by NapoleonCat carried out in February 2020. It shows that 65% of the entire population uses facebook. 37.7% of the entire population used Instagram. 41.1% of the entire population use facebook messanger. 44.7% of the entire population use linkedin. In partcular its interesting just how many people in Ireland use facebook. Almost the entire country is set up with an account which shows just how popular the website is. Instagram at the moment is quite low but it is a growing platform that is generating social media influencers so that stat will continue to rise.

Why people use social media

There are many different reasons as to why people use social media. Firstly to connect with friends and family. Many people use social media to connect and talk to there family and friends that may be far away from them. In an instant you can facetime, text or call someone whos across the globe on one platform. It also doesn’t have to be for people miles and miles away it can be used to make plans with friends who you may not be walking distance from. Social media helps connect the world in an instant. Secondly people use it for new styles or creativity. Platforms like Instagram and Pintrest are based on pictures uploaded and people can see maybe new types of fashion or styles that will inspire them. Thirdly to meet new people. Platforms like Tinder and Bumble allow people to meet and talk to each other online without them having to leave their own homes. Fourthly new types of music in particular platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify allow for anybody to upload their music but almost all social media platforms allow for people to like, share and discover new music as a whole. They are just some of the many reasons why people use social media. The platforms in place are both entertaining and engaging which helps them with longevity.

Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media

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